Preventative Care Programs


BAFHT offers many Preventative Care Programs.  These programs are open to everyone in Bluewater – no doctor referral is necessary.  Call us today to find out how you might be able to benefit from these great programs facilitated by dedicated healthcare professionals.  All programs are free.


                                   Mindfulness Meditation Drop-In Class

Mindfulness is “A technique in which one focuses one’s full attention only on the present, experiencing thoughts, feelings, and sensations, but not judging them”.  Join BAFHT’s Social Worker, Rossana Sabalones in her upcoming Mindfulness Meditation Drop-In Class and learn to just be present, not perfect!

 It will run on Wednesday’s from 2:00pm-3:00pm, starting on Wed. Nov. 14, 2018.  This is a “Drop-In Class” therefore no registration is required.  However, if this will be your first meditation class, call Rossana at                                                         519-236-4314 x212 for an overview.



L.I.F.E Classes (Living Independently through Fitness and Education)

This is a FREE EXERCISE CLASS offered at the Bluewater Area Family Health Team, in our Community Room.  These classes are intended to support seniors 55+ and/or those with a chronic health conditions to stay active, healthy and independent.  All instructors are certified.

 It runs every Wednesday and Friday, year-round, at 9:30am.  Register by calling: 1-877-502-8277.


Minds In Motion

 This innovative program combines physical activity, therapeutic recreation and opportunity to connect with others living with similar experiences.  It is offered to persons with early to mid-stage dementia and their care partners.  Each session includes: a one hour fitness session with a One Care Fitness Trainer and a one hour social and brain health session with the Alzheimer’s Society of Huron County.

For more information, to register, or to volunteer, please contact: 

The Alzheimer Society of Huron County:

Phone:  (519) 482-1482

Toll free: 1-800-561-5012



Sleep Counselling

Lack of sleep is the most frequent sleep complaint, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of its two evidence based therapeutic options.  The basic philosophy of this program is that a time-limited intervention, focusing directly on the factors that perpetuate lack of sleep can be helpful regardless of the initial conditions that have precipitated it.  The aim is to assist individuals to understand and develop healthy sleeping patterns.

Call 519-236-4314 today to book an appointment with BAFHT’s Social Worker, Rossana Sabalones!


Mindfulness Program

Mindfulness is a meditation practice that teaches us to be able to slow down in order to be able to observe thoughts with an attitude of neutrality.  We learn and practice simply by being present with thoughts and emotions without trying to change them.  This ability to combine calmness with acceptance gives us greater opportunity for happiness even in stressful situations.  Practicing mindfulness has also been helpful in managing conditions such as chronic pain, sleep disturbance, including anxiety and depression.   The aim of this program is to assist individuals in using mindfulness to alleviate anxiety and depression and live life to the fullest.

Call 519-236-4314 to book an appointment with BAFHT’s Social Worker Rossana Sabalones!


Diabetes Clinic      

BAFHT offers free diabetes clinics for education and diabetic care.  Call 519-236-4314 for more information.


STOP! Smoking Cessation     

If you want to quit smoking, we want to help!  This is a FREE smoking cessation program designed  by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health to help you quit!  Contact your healthcare provider for more information on how to become involved.