Our Expansion

Our Expansion is Complete

When the Bluewater Health Team first opened its doors seven years ago, we were a small three-person clinic. Today, we are more than primary health care! Bluewater Area Family Health Team is a full-service health care practice led by four physicians, a physician assistant, registered nurse, a nurse practitioner and a social worker. The expansion will allow us to engage other health care professionals into our team as well, which will be a huge benefit to you, the patient!

On time.  On budget!  These days, it’s not very often this can be claimed at the completion of a multi-month construction project.  Rapidly escalating costs of materials, work delays due to inclement weather, hold-ups in deliveries of goods and services for a variety of reasons and many other factors frequently affect the timing and cost of a new project.

The Bluewater Area Family Health Team (BAFHT) facility in Zurich celebrated the occasion with an Open House for suppliers, sponsors and patients on June 23, 2017.  More than 200 attended the event.The new facility is impressive and the number of health care programs being introduced will surely help the clinic become a health care hub for the community and surrounding area.




For you and your family, the expanded BAFHT will:

  • Ensure the residents of Bluewater and surrounding communities have access to outstanding primary health care today and in the future.
  •  Meet the demand for healthcare services due to an increased aging population and a greater prevalence of chronic illnesses.
  • Transform the BAFHT into a comprehensive primary health care hub that includes 13 examination rooms and a dual purpose meeting/exercise room accessible to the community.
  • Deliver more programs and enhance existing ones, see more patients sooner, increase evening hours and decrease traveling time by bringing outside health care professionals to our clinic.
  • Provide a rewarding work environment that attracts and keeps outstanding health care professionals.