Health Myself Portal

Health Myself Patient Portal


Patients are encouraged to sign up for the Health Myself Patient Portal. This is a secure way to receive appointment reminders, test results, and ask your clinician non-urgent clarification questions.



What does the portal do?

Appointment Management:

  • Allows you to cancel appointments online

  • Sends automated appointment reminders (Physician and Nurse Practitioner appointments ONLY)

  • Sends an automatic notification to patients when appointments are cancelled by staff

Secure Messaging:

  • Facilitates secure messaging between you and your clinic staff

  • Allows providers and staff to send files to patients

Security and Privacy:

  • PHIPA compliance and consent management

  • Comprehensive security best practices

  • Optional Dual Factor Authentication


What the portal does NOT do…

The Health Myself portal is not to be used for medical assessments.  If you have a medical issue needing attention, please contact BAFHT reception for an appointment. 


Registration requires that you provide the office with a unique email address. Your email is used for account setup, notifications, and office information only.


How to Register:

1.  Update reception with you current email address and ask them to send you the registration email.

2.  Once received, click on the registration link.

3.  Enter your PIN (the first four numbers of your health card).

4.  Create and confirm your password.  Once complete, you will be able to log in.

Visit the Health Myself Patient Portal website for more information!

*If you require further help with the Health Myself Portal, please contact reception at:  (519) 236-4314.