Health Myself Portal

health myself patient portal logo with image of person with a bandaid on forehead

BAFHT uses a secure, encrypted portal for communicating electronically with patients called Health Myself. We hope that this service will free up some congestion on our phone lines and better serve our patients.

Appropriate use of Health Myself:

  • Allows you to cancel appointments online
  • Sends automated appointment reminders
  • Update address and OHIP card information
  • Receive lab requisitions
  • Receive copies of test results and consult notes (by request)
  • Receive details of Specialist appointments

Secure messaging is intended to be used for NON-URGENT administrative questions, and is not to replace an in-person medical visit.
We will attempt to respond to portal messages within 1-2 business days, during regular office hours Monday to Friday.

How to Register:

  1. Update reception with your valid email address.
  2. When you receive the registration email, click on the registration link.
  3. Enter your PIN (the first four numbers of your health card).
  4. Create and confirm your password. Once complete, you will be able to log in.

Visit the Health Myself Patient Portal website for more information!

*If you require further help with registering for the Health Myself Portal, please contact BAFHT reception at 519-236-4314 or contact Health Myself Technical Support