2018 Iceculture Wackabout Golf Tournament



Once again, golfers turned out in full force to play in the “Iceculture Wackabout” tournament at the Bayview Golf Club / White Squirrel Kitchen in St Joseph. More than 100 players took part and even though there were several other tournaments on the same day, Sept. 14th, the event was considered a success.

The winning foursome representing the Birch Bark Trailor Park, included Randy and Jen Glazier, Denise Shaefer and Jim Roberts, but the real winner was the Bluewater Area Family Health Team(BAFHT) who received the proceeds – close to $10,000!

“I was hoping for a full tournament this year, but we are competing with several other fundraising events on the same day which makes things challenging” said organizer, Julian Bayley. “However, the majority of players like the September date and so far, the weather has worked with us too – each of the last three years we have been treated to sunshine and warmth – and you can’t beat that environment.”

A thank you is extended to all the sponsors who supported the tournament this year financially and to the many companies and individuals that donated prizes and items for the draw.

Chef Michael Sanz, an instructor in the Fanshawe College Tourism, Hospitality & Culinary Arts program provided a lobster mac and cheese for lunch and Pineridge Barbecue Co. returned to the tournament with its highly popular chicken and rib dinner. BAFHT Executive Director, Paula Kroll and Board Member, Francine Vanasse pitched in to help serve lunch and dinner. Iceculture President, Heidi Bayley presented prizes and handled the draw.

“Players came from as far away as Toronto and London to participate which really helps,” explained Bayley. “But I would really like to attract more local players to help fill the roster and then you will see a big jump on the bottom line – may be next year?”

He added, “The Bayview Golf Club was acquired by White Squirrel Investments in early spring 2018, and it was exciting to have the new Bayview General Manager, Dan Mudge and one of the owners, Al Orth, join in the tournament. The improvements that have already taken place on the course and in the clubhouse are impressive and with more significant changes in the future, this will surely become a popular destination for both golfers and tourists.”