BAFHT Unification

BAFHT Unification Communication

Bluewater Area Family Health Team & 
Grand Bend Area Community Health Centre 

Communication: Phase I –
Update & Close Out 

Email to All Partners 

Sender: Executive Directors on behalf of the Chairs (Joint)
Subject Line: Unification Phase I Update & Close Out

Dear Community Partners,

After the Boards of Directors of BAFHT and GBCHC agreed to explore the possibility of becoming one organization by entering into Phase I of a three phase process, the Board of Directors of Bluewater Family Health Team have decided that this is not an opportune time to continue the conversation. The Board of Grand Bend Community Health Centre supports the decision made by their colleague governors of BAFHT. 

While there are many synergies and opportunities that were discussed as well as a positive meeting with the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care that supported this exploration, a hybrid model of FHT and CHC was not supported by the Ministry.  They did support the work continuing under a CHC model.

Although there were some potential advantages associated with working under the CHC model there were also some potential disadvantages. The Board of BAHFT ultimately came to the conclusion that a decision to move to the CHC model would not be in the best interest of the community, or the staff of BAFHT.

We would like to thank our colleagues who gave of their volunteer time on the Unification Committee and 

the Executive Directors for their work in Phase I.  We would also like to thank the staff of BAFHT and GBCHC for their patience throughout this process, as well as their continuous commitment to high quality patient care. 

Both Boards agree that this work was still important to explore. The Boards remain optimistic that future collaborative work between the two organizations is possible especially within the next context of Ontario Health Teams.


Dwayne Laporte (Chair, BAFHT) & David Crockett (Chair, GBACHC)